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March 29, 2020

Hey Folks!! Tonight is the night!

Check back here anytime you need to be reminded of where to go next and/or when you watch an artist follow link in their video status to the next performer. That’s right THE AUDIENCE MOVES FROM ARTIST TO ARTIST like a mini-festival or online progressive party!

Feel free to enjoy this beautiful time of connection and if you feel moved to support artists (most of whom have lost significant amounts of work during this pandemic) feel moved to “tip” on their individual Venmo/Paypal sources. While you’re on their page give them a “like” and follow them for future music adventures!

Everything gets rolling at 7pm EDT and will roll straight through close to midnight. If there are any glitches feel free to come back to this site and check out some older videos of people doing just that, covering their friends!!!

Official Lineup with hopefully accurate links:

7:00 – John Elliott (from California)

7:20 – brad yoder (From Pennsylvania)

7:40 – Jeff Christmas – music (From Maine)

8:00 – Jacob McCurdy Music (From Maine)

8:20 – John Nels (From Maine)

8:40 – Caroline Cotter (From Maine)

9:00 – Jed Bresette (From Maine)

9:20 – Megan Burtt (From Colorado)

9:40 – Heather Styka Music (From Illinois)

10:00 – Connor Garvey (From Maine)

10:20 – John Hermanson (From Minnesota)

10:40 – Beth Wood (From Oregon)

11:00 – Rj Cowdery (From Ohio)

11:20 – Justin Roth (From Colorado)

CoverYourFriends 3.25



Livestream Event – Sunday 3/29!!!!!

March 24, 2020

We’re Back At It Folks!


What better time to sing the songs of our friends! In this chapter of inward time spending and outward connecting we’re bringing to you live a unique Cover Your Friends Progressive Facebook Party! Whether you feel compelled to Socially Distance or reframe it as Distant Socializing you can enjoy the whole evening from the safety and comfort of you’re home! Here’s how it works:

One Artist performs a 20 minute set on their Facebook Page at a time. Each set will be  2-3 cover tunes of their friends and if time allows one original tune as well.

When you are at their “set” their Video Status will have information on who’s playing next and a link to their Facebook Page. Like the page you’re on if you do indeed like and consider contributing to that artist through their payment links or merch sales if you’d like.

At the end of the set travel over to the next person’s Facebook Page and enjoy the next 20 min set…and continue on as long as you’d like!

Visit the Cover Your Friends Facebook Page between 6-7pmEST on Sunday 3-29 for the kickoff, instructions, updates, etc. and refer back at any point you need to be reminded of the lineup and where to go when.

Enjoy and celebrate one another…that’s the whole theme of this thing!

Lineup as it stands right now is subject to change so check back day of:

7:00 – John Elliott

7:20 – Brad Yoder

7:40 – Jeff Christmas

8:00 – Jacob McCurdy

8:20 – Nels Blanchette

8:40 – Caroline Cotter

9:00 – Jed Bresette

9:20 – Megan Burtt

9:40 – Heather Styka

10:00 – Connor Garvey

10:20 – John Hermanson

10:40 – Beth Wood

11:00 – RJ Cowdery

11:20 – Justin Roth

11:40 – Steven Bacon



Happy Birthday Raina Rose- From Your Friends

February 3, 2015

Below is a collection of songs by the fantastic Raina Rose out of Austin, Texas. As a recognition of her incredible contributions to the musical community, posted on this 3rd day of February, we celebrate Raina’s birthday with a collection of her friends singing her songs! Happy Birthday Raina! Thank you for the amazing inspiration, and we hope you AND THE WORLD enjoy these renditions of your tunes!

THE SEA THE SEA (Albany, NY) cover Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Swing Wide the Gates
Artist’s Websites: /

Deren Ney (Chico, CA) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Your Neighbor’s Trampoline
More about the artists: /

Smokey & The Mirror (Fayetteville, Arkansas) cover Raina Rose (Austin, Texas)
Song Title: Northern Lights
More about the artists: /

Ryan Pickop (Fayetteville, AR) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Badlands
More about the artists: /

Will Schramm  (Norwich, CT) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Kings Flashlight
Your Cover’s Website:

Natalia Zukerman (Brooklyn, NY) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Not Not Love
Artist’s Websites: /

Paul Curreri, Devon Sproule, Danny Schmidt, & Carrie Elkin (Austin, TX) cover Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title:  I Am Listening
Artist’s Websites: / / /

Connor Garvey (Portland, ME) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)

Song Title: Sun Comes Back
Artist’s Websites: /

Anna Vogelzang (Madison, WI) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Woodsmoke
Artist’s Websites: /

David Berkeley (Santa Fe, NM) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Secret
Artist’s Websites:

Shannon Wurst (Fayetteville, AR) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Act of God
Artist’s Websites: /

Matt the Electrician (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Desdemona
Artist’s Websites: /

Meredith McLeod (Ashland, OR) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Truth or Consequences
Artist’s Websites:

Rebecca Loebe (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Milk
Artist’s Websites: /

Hunter Paye (Portland, Oregon) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Sure
Artist’s Websites: /

DAISY (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Secret
Artist’s Websites: /

Jack Wilson (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Oregon
Artist’s Websites: /

Melissa Greener
Song Title: Happy Birthday Rai-Ro
Artist’s Website:

Robby Hecht (Nashville, TN) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Heart Broken Open
Artist’s Websites: /

Frank Freeman (Houston, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Like You Better
Artist’s Websites: / www.rainarose.con

Vanessa Lively (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Drum Machine
Artist’s Websites: /

John Elliott (San Francisco, CA) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Not Not Love
Artist’s Websites: /

Anthony da Costa (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Stone Around My Neck
Artist’s Websites: /

Jenn Grinels (Nashville, TN) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Your Neighbor’s Trampoline
Artist’s Websites:

Jason Weems (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: I Like You Better
Artist’s Websites: /

Anna Rose Beck (Austin, TX) covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Desdemona
Artist’s Websites: /

Morris McClellan covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)

Song Title: Are You Still in Love with the World?
Artist’s Websites: /

Jinx McGee covers Raina Rose (Austin, Texas)
Song Title: Albatross
Artist’s Websites: /

“Heaven Sent” me a message “In The Middle Of The Night” that “I Don’t Want To Be Here” but I really do!

June 25, 2014

1) Daisy (Austin, TX) Covers Parker Millsap (Purcell, OK)
Song Title: Heaven Sent
More Info: /

2) Jon Sherling (Mount Laurel, NJ) Covers Rob Lincoln (Mount Laurel, NJ)
Song Title: In The Middle of the Night
More Info: /

3) Jon Sherling (Mount Laurel, NJ)Covers Tom Tracy (Lumberport, WV)
Song Title: I Don’t Want To Be Here
More Info: /

Old Coats Make It Easy…boy oh boy do they!

June 22, 2013

1) Kevin Kinsella (Mount Arlington, NJ) Covers Jack Tannehill  (Randolph, NJ)
Song Title: Make It Easy
More Info: /

2) Sam King (New York, NY) Covers Barnaby Bright (New York, NY)
Song Title: Old Coats
More Info: /




“When You Are in My Arms” I feel like we are “Killin’ it”

May 15, 2013

1) Jonah Wei-Haas (Chicago, IL) Covers Krewella (Chicago, IL)
Song Title: “Killin’ It”
More Info: /

2) Shawnee Kilgore (Austin, TX) Covers Biagio Biondolillo (Bellingham, WA)
Song Title: When You Are in My Arms
More Info: /

‘Failures’ sometimes occur at ‘3,000 Miles’

March 30, 2013

1) Moors and McCumber (Superior, WI)& Gold Hill, CO) Cover Ellis Paul (Boston,MA)
Song Title: 3000 Miles
More Info: /

2) Chris Shaw (Columbus, Ohio) Covers Matt Monta (Columbus, Ohio)
Song Title: Failures
More Info: (Chris plays drums) /

RJ Covers J!!! And it was a mail in…

March 15, 2013

Not every day do I get a Cover Your Friend submission sent through snail mail…what a great treat!

RJ Covers J

Rj Cowdery (Columbus, OH) Covers J Wagner (Austin, TX)
Song Title: When I Find All Of You
More Info: /


We’re not giving up CYF for lent…because My Old Heart couldn’t handle it!

February 27, 2013

1) Daisy O’Connor (Austin, TX) Covers Steve Poltz (San Diego, CA)
Song Title: Give You Up For Lent
More Info: /

2) Rob Mattson (Upton, MA) Covers Phil Henry (Rutland, VT)
Song Title: My Old Heart
More info: /

February 21, 2013

Check out this awesome blog from Doug Evans talking about what the Business world can take from Cover Your Friends…truly awesome and so congruent with this mission!!!!

Successful Workplace

GuitarThe business world can learn a lot about promotion from the arts community. is a video blog website that features singer-songwriters playing songs written by their friends and fellow artists who inspire them.  It’s classic cross-promotion.

The site was conceived and launched by Connor Garvey, a young performing songwriter from Portland, ME.  It started as a way for Garvey to pay respect to his friends, and it is gaining traction as a vehicle to connect and promote an entire community of artists.

It features stripped-down, acoustic versions of songs, usually recorded directly into a notebook computer or iPhone.  What stands out for me in each of the videos is the sincerity of the performance.  It’s not about flash – each video is a heartfelt tribute.

Who inspires the people who inspire you?

As a kid, I’d sit down with an album – an actual LP! – and devour…

View original post 500 more words