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It all begins December 5th

November 21, 2011

Hey Singer-Songwriters!

Chances are if you’re reading this you play songs. Chances are you also have some wonderfully talented friends who play songs too. Chances are you play a few of their songs OR want to push yourself to learn some of their songs. This blog is set up with the intention of providing an opportunity to cover your friends songs. I know this is not an original or ground breaking idea I just think there can never be too much of this type of stuff happening so if you’d like to be a part of it THAT WOULD BE GREAT and I have enough motivation to get the ball rolling! Here’s how I think it should work:

1) Learn a friends song: A friend can be as liberal or as strict as you would like it to be. I’d say the intent is for you to cover a song of someone you are already enjoying spending time with and want other people to hear their song but if you want to use this as an icebreaker…who am I to say that’s wrong. Also your choice on whether you want it to be a surprise or if you ask them for guidance…

2) Record a video of you playing that song: this can be either in your house, on the stage, or anywhere else you choose…but lets do videos, they are much more fun to watch!

3) Send your video (youtube or vimeo link) to me and I upload it to the blog and to the youtube channel:

4) Send websites for you and who you are covering as well as where y’all are musically based!

5) Share: Subtle last step but very important…share it with other people out there so that it opens their eyes to the other great tunes out there!

I intend to develop a pattern or day that new videos are uploaded but I just figured I’d choose a date randomly to start. It would be awesome if we could get somewhere in the range of 10-20 for the launch so that it starts with some gusto…WHO’S IN?!!!?

Fine Print: Ok…here is the fine print. I have done zero investigation into any copyright laws surrounding this and would ask you to do your own homework before submitting any video that might be an issue. As there is no money going around here and it is intended to garner more exposure and excitement about other people in the scene I hope there isn’t any issue but please accept this responsibility on your own submission…if there is any to be owned.

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