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December 6, 2011

The First Wave – The Launch of Cover Your Friends!!!!!!!

Well, here they are. The first wave of amazing videos coming in for “Cover Your Friends!”  Watch, share, check out new artists, and get inspired to keep covering your friends!

1) Nels Andrews (NYC)  covering Carrie Elkin (Austin,TX)

Song: “Landeth by Sea” from her album ‘Call it my Garden’

Further info: /

2) John Malloy (Portland, ME) covers Ben Foster  (South Berwick, ME)

Song: “Smile”

Further info:

3) Anna Vogelzang (NYC) covers Anthony da Costa (NYC)

Song: “Love is Impossible”

Further info: /

4) Justin Roth (Fort Collins, CO) covers Amy Speace (Nashville, TN)

Song: “Real Love Song”

Further info:

5) Heather Aubrey Lloyd- of ilyAIMY (Baltimore, MD) covers We’re About 9* & Barnaby Bright** (Brooklyn, NY)

Song: “Writing Gravity”(a mash up of Writing Again* and Gravity**)

Further info: & /* &**

6) Aaron Lee (Delft, Netherlands) covers Jeff Mitchell (Milwaukee, WI)

Song: “Let’s Leave Her Here”

Further info: /

7) Connor Garvey (Portland, ME) covers RJ Cowdery (Columbus, OH)

Song: “I’ll Keep Trying”

Further info: /

8) Ryan Fitzsimmons (Amesbury, MA) covers Greg Klyma (Buffalo, NY)

Song: “Helen Rose”

Further info: /

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