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January 16, 2012

1) Randall Williams (Bath, Maine) covers Emily Kurn (Anchorage, Alaska)

Song Title: “I’m Just Like You”
Further Info: /

2)Fred Gillen Jr. (Peekskill, NY) covers Abbie Gardner (Hoboken, NJ)

Song Title: “I’d Rather Be”
Further Info: /

3)Putnam Smith (Portland, ME) covers Nate Spencer (Ashville, NC)

Song Title: “I Hear Bells Tonight”

Further Info:

4) Connor Garvey (Portland, ME) covers Putnam Smith (Portland, ME)

Song Title: “Arkansas”

Further Info: /

5) Fred Gillen Jr (Peekskill, NY) covers Rich Deans (East Orange, NJ)

Song Title: “You Can Count On Me”
Further Info: /

Also see Hope Machine cover Rich’s Song

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