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August 27, 2012

The days is upon us…what a wonderful post summer rejuvenation of COVER YOUR FRIENDS. Great acts from around the country all making their friends songs sound amazing! Make sure to give yourself the pleasure of listening to all! Now that the ball is rolling again dust off those cameras, figure out another song, and submit for the next round SEPTEMBER 10th!!!

As a fun little graphic: if you traveled toured around trying to catch each of these 15 artists playing the song and then traveled to where their friend was and carried on to the next song on the list you’d cover 36,703 miles…but you’d have a nice rest in Austin and in Chicago! your trip would look like this:

Aren’t you glad you can just enjoy the videos right here on COVER YOUR FRIENDS .com!!!


1) Vandella (San Francisco, CA) covers Bahamas (Toronto, Canada)

Song Title: Sunshine Blues

More info: /

2) John Elliott (Republic of California) covers Anais Mitchell (NY/VT)
Song Title: Young Man In America
More /

3) Bob McKillop (Portland, Maine) covers Doug Kolmar (Saco, Maine)
Song Title: Good Man
More info: /

4) Heather Styka (Chicago, IL) covers Chris Darby (Chicago, IL)
Song Title: Road Song
More info: /

5) Trevor Reichman (Terlingua, Texas) covers Laura Gibson (Portland, Oregon)
Song Title: Come by Storm
More info: /

6) Brian Carroll (Boston, MA) covers Greg Loftus (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Ten Days North
More info /

7) Nehedar (NYC, NY) covers Shanna Underwood (Maine)
Song Title: There Was a Town
More info: /

8) Jessica Leigh Graves (Austin, TX) covers Jack Wilson (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Whisky & Rye
More info: /

9) Shawnee Kilgore (Austin, TX) covers William Wallace (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Our Great Escape
More info: /

10) Mike Herz (Newton, N.J.) covers John Elliott (San Francisco, CA)
Song Title: The Score
More info: /

11) Steven Bacon (Knoxville, TN) covers Joe Crookston (Ithica, NY)
Song Title: The Nazarene
More info: /

12) Connor Garvey (Portland, ME) covers Shannon Wurst (Fayetteville, AR)

Song Title: River

More info: /

13) Timmy Riordan (Cambridge, MA) cover Nate Borofsky of Girlyman (Atlanta, GA)
Song Title: Stay
More Info: /

14) Kate Klim (Nashville, TN) covers Meg Hutchinson (Boston, MA)
Song Title: Home
More Info: /

15)  Neale Eckstein (Sudbury, MA) covers Buskin and Batteau (NYC)
Song Title: All in All
More Info: /

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