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March 29, 2020

Hey Folks!! Tonight is the night!

Check back here anytime you need to be reminded of where to go next and/or when you watch an artist follow link in their video status to the next performer. That’s right THE AUDIENCE MOVES FROM ARTIST TO ARTIST like a mini-festival or online progressive party!

Feel free to enjoy this beautiful time of connection and if you feel moved to support artists (most of whom have lost significant amounts of work during this pandemic) feel moved to “tip” on their individual Venmo/Paypal sources. While you’re on their page give them a “like” and follow them for future music adventures!

Everything gets rolling at 7pm EDT and will roll straight through close to midnight. If there are any glitches feel free to come back to this site and check out some older videos of people doing just that, covering their friends!!!

Official Lineup with hopefully accurate links:

7:00 – John Elliott (from California)

7:20 – brad yoder (From Pennsylvania)

7:40 – Jeff Christmas – music (From Maine)

8:00 – Jacob McCurdy Music (From Maine)

8:20 – John Nels (From Maine)

8:40 – Caroline Cotter (From Maine)

9:00 – Jed Bresette (From Maine)

9:20 – Megan Burtt (From Colorado)

9:40 – Heather Styka Music (From Illinois)

10:00 – Connor Garvey (From Maine)

10:20 – John Hermanson (From Minnesota)

10:40 – Beth Wood (From Oregon)

11:00 – Rj Cowdery (From Ohio)

11:20 – Justin Roth (From Colorado)

CoverYourFriends 3.25


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