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February 21, 2013

Check out this awesome blog from Doug Evans talking about what the Business world can take from Cover Your Friends…truly awesome and so congruent with this mission!!!!

Successful Workplace

GuitarThe business world can learn a lot about promotion from the arts community. is a video blog website that features singer-songwriters playing songs written by their friends and fellow artists who inspire them.  It’s classic cross-promotion.

The site was conceived and launched by Connor Garvey, a young performing songwriter from Portland, ME.  It started as a way for Garvey to pay respect to his friends, and it is gaining traction as a vehicle to connect and promote an entire community of artists.

It features stripped-down, acoustic versions of songs, usually recorded directly into a notebook computer or iPhone.  What stands out for me in each of the videos is the sincerity of the performance.  It’s not about flash – each video is a heartfelt tribute.

Who inspires the people who inspire you?

As a kid, I’d sit down with an album – an actual LP! – and devour…

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So…Emily, Raina, & and an Apostle sat down to talk…

February 11, 2013

Emily White (Chicago, IL) Covers Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Apostle
More Info: /

…and we’re Black, Again and Again!

February 4, 2013

1) Brian Carroll (Boston, MA) Covers Annie Lynch (Brooklyn, NY)
Song Title: Again and Again
More Info: /

2) Rufus Rūfasu (California) Covers The Damn Choir (Chicago, IL)
Song Title: Black
More Info:

Do you think a “Man of Many Moon” enjoys “Flying” around the “Universe?”

January 22, 2013

1)Jon Sherling (Mt. Laurel, NJ) Covers Debbie Scott (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Song Title: Flying
More Info: / Debbie’s Youtube Page

2) Shawnee Kilgore (Austin, TX) / Danny Schmidt (Austin, TX)
Song Title: Man of Many Moons
More Info: /

3) Daisy O’Connor (Austin, TX) Covers Ron Scott (Austin, TX)

Song Title: Universe

More Info: /

A New Year…New Covers!

January 7, 2013

1) Jon Sherling (Mt. Laurel, NJ) Covers Nancy Huebner (Wilmington, DE)

Song Title: Someone’s Broken Heart

More Info: /



2) Daisy O’Connor (Austin, TX) Covers Gregory Alan Isakov, J Wagner, & John Elliott (CO,TX,CA)

Song Title: If I Go, I’m Goin

More Info: / / /

International Friend Covers…

September 25, 2012

1) Aaron Lee (Delft, Netherlands) covers Charlie Hely (Ithaca, NY)
Song Title: Every Train Track
More info: /

2) Neale Eckstein (Sudbury, MA) covers Cliff Eberhardt (Williamsburg, MA)
Song Title: Memphis
More info: /

3) Michael Gruber, James Travis Spartz, & Tim Haub (Madison, WI) cover Cam Waters (Mpls, MN)
Song Title: Hey Marlene
More info: /

Post Labor Day…you can’t wear your friends white pants but you can play their songs!

September 10, 2012

1)Doug Kolmar (Saco, ME) covers Bob Mckillop (Portland, ME)
Song Title: Hittin Trees
More Info: /

2)Shanna Underwood (Portland, ME) covers Kathy Hussey (Nashville, TN)
Song Title: I Am Heartbreak
More Info: /

3)Phil Henry (Rutland, VT) covers Aaron Nathans (Wilmington, DE)
Song Title: Everything You See Is Who I Am
More Info: /

4) EJay the Musician (Peoria, Illinois) covers MGK (ft. Ester Dean)
Song Title: Invincible Cover by EJay the Musician
More Info: /

5) James Day Leavitt (Portland, Maine) covers Gailanne Amundsen (Longwood, Florida)
Song Title: Minnesota
More Info: /